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Give shape to your big ideas

D.Lab is the hub where unlimited creativity comes to life through collaboration, exploration, and ideation. Pushing past the old boundaries of what solid surface material can do, D.Lab teamed with Craig Woehrle, founder of Patternine, to machine mesmerizing parametric designs into our material. The result is a mind-blowing, swirly, whirly 3D medium for everything from backlit wall panels to groovy furniture. We’re excited to show you just how incredible Durasein solid surface can be.

Explore Patternine samples available exclusively through Material Bank.

Where tech
becomes texture

Mind bending materials

From his time as an architectural designer, to the development of his very own collection of sophisticated 3D textured patterns for decorative wall cladding, Craig Woehrle has spent years honing his focus in parametric systems and digital fabrication. Through our collaboration, we found a way to bring all the energy of his flowing patterns to our solid surface material, showing aspiring dreamers there’s nothing the right creative partner can’t do.

Infinite possibilities

D. Lab x Patternine’s dimensional designs invite you to be as dramatic as you dare — capturing light and shadow, backlighting with multicolored LEDs, or using them in thermoformed shapes or original designs. This is achieved through our solid surface’s ability to be safely and easily carved with CNC machining technology. Ok sure, not just anyone can bring complex parametric designs to reality, so that’s why we are assembling an all-star team of the world’s most innovative and decorated fabrication teams within our D.Fab family. Rest easy knowing this elite group has not only the equipment and know how, but also the creative edge to make any project featuring our parametric designs a reality. Opening up a whole new world of light, color, and pattern play possibilities, right under our fingertips.

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