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Home. There’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Amidst the wake of the pandemic, people are spending more time at home and investing in their spaces. With limited resources, supply chains, and more bottlenecks than ever, we’re here to help. Let us provide the solution to your home project – solid surface.

Let's make
your dreams
come true

At Durasein, our solid surface material can do things other building materials just can’t. Incredible patterns, Unlimited shapes and sizes. Indoor and outdoor applications. Custom or stock, you name it. Making even your wildest dreams possible, without being limited by the material you’re using.

Here, there,
and everywhere...

Heat and stain resistance creates the perfect combination to make you feel safe, and cozy.
Counters, cabinets, and wall paneling, we help your vision come true.

Let your
run wild.

Tubs, showers, sinks and seating. Our in-house custom sink design and production capabilities mean we’re ready to help you make something special.

Want to do something different? That’s magic to our ears. Durasein solid surface can do it all. It’s smooth, seamless, easy to cut and mold. Not to mention stain-, scratch-, chemical-, and microbe-resistant, to keep your home clean, and durable to everyday wear and tear.

It’s even easy to renew, repair and recycle, keeping minimal impact. Impervious to sun, rain, and weather, making your home just as gorgeous down the road as it does on day one.

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