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New Colors Built for Dreamers

Sun Kissed and Ever After Join the Dreamy Collection

Our latest additions to the Dreamy Collection are here to inspire you with subtle shifts of movement and color that reinterpret the classic veining patterns of marble in modern forms that only solid surface can achieve.

Whether you’re dreaming of warm or cool palettes, these new colors are on point. Ever After will tempt you with its soft, swirling look and grey veining, while the beautifully beachy mix of tan, gold, and bronze of Sun Kissed is sure to give your creative heart a thrill.

Like all of Durasein’s products, this 100% acrylic material is incredibly pliable, durable, and renewable, standing up to scratches, impact, heat, stains, and harsh cleaning chemicals. And because it can be seamed invisibly, shaped with standard woodworking tools, and even thermoformed, Durasein lets you create flawless surfaces of any size or shape. Whatever surface you choose, our Dreamy Collection is just right for all those special projects you’ve been dreaming about.

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