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Durasein Solid Surface: Care & Warranty Guide

So, you’ve envisioned something incredible and found the perfect material to bring it to life, with a range of colors, thermoformed shapes, and custom possibilities that set your creative heart aflutter.

You can’t wait to see it all come together on Day One, but have you given any thought to what it will look like on Day 1,000 and beyond?

One of the amazing things about Durasein Solid Surface is how tough, durable, and easy to maintain it is. With normal use, this gorgeous material is resistant to heat, stains, and scratching—in fact, we back it with our 10-Year Warranty. Still, your clients can do even more to extend its good looks long after it’s installed, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to prevent and repair damage and keep Durasein looking its best for years to come.

Everyday cleanup is a breeze: just use soapy water or ammonia-based cleansers. A microfiber cloth will help you clean the surface thoroughly without scratching or dulling its sheen.

While it’s common to use window cleaners on other parts of the kitchen and bathroom, we don’t recommend using them on Durasein Solid Surface. They won’t permanently damage the material, but they can leave a waxy buildup that makes the surface look splotchy.

Should that occur, you should be able to scrub it off using a little more pressure with a microfiber cloth and soapy water. If you need to remove a stubborn stain, use a multisurface cleaner or an abrasive chlorine bleachbased cleanser like Comet®, Ajax®, or Soft Scrub®, rinsing the surface with water afterwards.

To deepclean sinks and shower basins, fill with a diluted bleach solution and allow it to soak for 15 minutes, then wash the surface with soap and water. Abrasive powdered cleanser with bleach may dull semi-gloss or gloss countertop finishes.

Never let harsh chemicals (such as strong acids and bases, paint thinner, or mineral spirits) sit on Durasein Solid Surface, and avoid spilling acetonebased nail polish remover on bathroom counters and sinks. If one of these chemicals contacts the surface, wash and rinse the surface with soap and water immediately to prevent damage.

Durasein Solid Surface is scratch-resistant. However, minor scratches can occur during normal daily use and may be especially noticeable on darker colors and glossier finishes.

To buff away light scratches, rub the countertop surface in a circular motion with a maroon Scotch-Brite™ pad (7447 General Purpose), followed by a white Scotch-Brite™ Light Duty pad and a non-abrasive cleanser. A final wipe with a countertop cleaner designed for solid surfaces should return its luster.

Cuts on countertops can be prevented by using a cutting board—never cut directly on Durasein. If severe scratches do occur, reach out to your local Durasein dealer or fabricator or the contacts listed at the bottom of this article.

Our tough acrylic-based material is designed to be renewable and repairable, but please leave any serious repairs to these trained experts.

Unlike some countertop materials, the acrylic composition of Durasein Solid Surface makes it naturally heat-resistant. However, exposure to prolonged or extreme heat can cause discoloration or cracking.

In the kitchen, avoid putting hot pots and pans directly on solid surface countertops. Allow them to cool on the stovetop first, or use an insulating trivet or hot pad between the pot and the counter. (Towels alone are not enough to prevent heat damage.) You should also place a trivet under any heat-generating appliances that sit on the countertop, such as toaster ovens, waffle irons, and electric frying pans.

The same goes for curling irons and other hot appliances in the bathroom. Use a heat-insulating pad if you set the appliances down on the counter, and avoid letting them directly touch the surface.

For Durasein sinks, always allow cookware to cool before putting it into the sink. If you need to pour boiling water from pasta or other dishes down a sink made of Durasein Solid Surface, run cold water from the tap at the same time to minimize the possibility of thermal shock, which can crack or break the material. However, don’t fret about normal hot water use while washing. Everyday use will not cause cracks or breakage.

Despite everyone’s best intentions, accidents may occur, but you don’t have to live with a scratch, crack, discoloration, or stain. Help is just a phone call away, and we’ve gathered a list of the proper contacts to help resolve any serious issue you may encounter:

  • For regular cleaning and preventative care: Look to the Durasein Care & Maintenance Guide. If your issue is not addressed there or you’re unable to resolve it yourself, please reach out to your Durasein dealer, distributor, or fabricator.
  • For Durasein customer service: Please contact us directly at [email protected]. We know our products inside and out. We are happy to answer your questions and point you toward the best resources for proper care after installation.
  • For questions about our warranty: We manufacture Durasein Solid Surface according to strict engineering and quality standards and stand behind our products for the long run. Should any manufacturing defects occur in our products during the first 10 years from the date of installation (when fabricated and installed according to our official guidelines), Durasein will repair or replace them.

Please refer to the Durasein Ten-Year Limited Warranty for the entire, up-to-date list of what is covered and how to make a claim, should it be necessary, or call us at (877) 771.7712 to start a claim.

As a designer, it’s reassuring to know the materials you choose will continue to keep the strength and aesthetic qualities you admired when you specified them—and you can count on that with Durasein Solid Surface. Our material isn’t just made to last. It’s made in a way that makes it easy for everyday people to maintain it and for our professional network to repair or restore it if needed.

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