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Do the best
work of your life

We’re Durasein, your solid surface partner. We’re here to give your ideas the support they deserve – without the fuss. Whether it’s as simple as a sink, or your wildest design idea. We’ve got you covered. We’re the creatives here to help you create. High quality materials. Top quality advice.

Your ideas, hassle free

We’re more than just a solid surface manufacturer – we’re creative partners. Whether it’s information, customization or advice – we’re here to help you do your best work. No overselling. No overpromising.

Features & Benefits

Easy to clean
Low maintenance, stain resistant, and chemical resistant
Tough as nails
Impact resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant and fre resistant.
Smart surfacing
Renewable, repairable, recyclable, and reusable.
Safe & protected
Food safe, non-toxic, non-porous, anti-bacterial, low VOC, and mold/mildew resistant
Built for dreamers
Limitless decors; seamless, thermoformable, and boundless ability in color and translucency.
Notable marks
Greenguard, Greenguard Gold, NSF-51, ISO 9001, USGBC, ISFA, and a 10 year warranty.

Calling all creatives

Got an idea? Check out our materials. Mix and match to your hearts content and make your idea work for the future.

Introducing Light Haze

We’re so excited about our new Dreamy Collection that we’re introducing a sneak peek; Light Haze. It’s the perfect material for all those special projects you’ve been dreaming about.

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