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Mortarr Awards

Mortarr Awards

Mortarr​ recently announced the winners of their ​annual awards​ which honors the most inspiring pros and brands in the commercial construction and design industry! Guess who made the cut? We’ll give you a hint… it was a pretty solid choice if you ask us!

This year the ​Durasein team​ was awarded not one, but TWO of their illustrious designations. We brought home Mortarr’s Industry Influencer award, appropriately dubbed “The Mortie​”, which recognized our brand as a game-changer within the commercial material and design world. Additionally, we were also selected as the site’s “​Top Socialite​”, for outstanding social media presence!

Thank you to ​Mortarr ​for the nominations and thank you to the stellar panel of judges! We know you had one tough task choosing between all of the amazing nominees!

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