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Durasein’s Award Winning Collaboration

Durasein’s Award Winning Collaboration

Our collaboration with Craig Woehrle, Patternine, won big as an Architectural Record Product of the year! 

Patternine went up against other products in the Hard Surfacing, Tiles & Stone category and come out on top, it’s clear to see why: 

Patternine pushes past the old boundaries of what solid surface material can do. Woehrle developed a series of algorithm-driven parametric designs that are CNC-machined into Durasein’s solid-surfacing material, a match made in solid surface heaven.

The patterns can be scaled for many interior commercial or residential applications with its mind-blowing, swirly, whirly 3D medium for everything from backlit wall panels to groovy furniture, a clear winner in our eyes!

Through our collaboration, we found a way to bring all the energy of Patternine’s flowing patterns to our solid surface material, showing aspiring dreamers there’s nothing the right creative partner can’t do. We can’t wait to see what Patternine x Durasein achieves next! 

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