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Durasein Supports Next Generation Designer Resource in Europe

Durasein Supports Next Generation Designer Resource in Europe

Sure, you can see all kinds of materials online. But nothing beats having an actual sample in your hand, and as a founding member of Material Bank® Europe, Durasein is making that experience possible for more designers worldwide.

First launched in the US, Material Bank is the fastest and most sustainable way to search and sample materials. Designers can browse through an extensive collection featuring hundreds of brands and request free samples that are delivered overnight so they can ooh, ahh, and compare in person. Once the specification process is over, Material Bank will even take samples back so they can be used again and stay out of the waste stream.

After seeing how much the A+D community appreciated this service on the west side of the Atlantic, Durasein teamed with them to offer the same service through a new branch based in Europe. Durasein’s Global Chief Growth Officer Michael Bustin says, “We’re super stoked to be a Material Bank Founding Partner in Europe and we are looking forward to working closely with Managing Director Philippe Brocart to grow our international partnership!”

Watch this space to learn more about the launch of Material Bank Europe, and get ready to sample to your heart’s content.

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