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Mortarr and Durasein Partner to Support Student Design

depicts interior architecture rendering of proposed restaurant design, Neo + North, for Mortarr in the classroom design competition.

Mortarr and Durasein Partner to Support Student Design

Mortarr in the Classroom, powered by Durasein, recently held their third annual design competition. A+D students from across the county were invited to submit current commercial class projects and enhance them using the Mortarr platform. 

University of Minnesota Interior and Graphic Design student Muphy Cauble blew this year’s judging panel away with his submission of Neo + North, an adaptive reuse restaurant designed for a post-COVID world!

Delivering a design that drew on the neighborhood’s resurgence and Minnesota’s love of all things Northern, Murphy explained to the Mortarr team how this influenced the environment’s color scheme. “The logo’s arrow, and its color red, were both inspired by the compass and its traditional colors.” 

The comprehensive approach taken with not only the design of the space but overall branding as well spoke to all of the competition’s judges… Durasein’s very own Global Chief Growth Officer, Michael Bustin, included!

For a more in-depth discussion of Murphy’s winning submission, check out Forum by Mortarr’s full-length feature, Telling a Story. Forum Editor-in-Chief, Jen Levisen’s interview offers great insight into the college junior’s inspirations, design perspective, and aspirations.

Congratulations, Mr. Cauble. The Durasein Team couldn’t be more proud to help your creativity flow now, and into your already bright future! 

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